Opening a New Floor at our Office in Vinohrady

February 6, 2023

It has been an exciting year and we managed to hire many new team members. The two office rooms filled up and we were again running out of space. We took the opportunity to get another floor upstairs. This gave us another office room for 3-4 people.


Yet again we had to do changes to the interior. The new floor is a repurposed small 2 room apartment. We ended up using the living room as an office and the bedroom as a meeting room.

We were able to connect both floors using 10Gbit so everyone has high speed access to the server and shared network drives.

Streaming Room

As an added bonus we can use the meeting room upstairs as a video recording room. This means we finally have a stable setup where people can come and record a video with no hassle. We are still working out the best placement of the desk, camera and tripod but we are getting there.

Office Opening

This splits our office into a room for projects team, products team and a coding team. With the coding team getting the just opened new floor. This should be enough capacity for us for the time being.

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