Meet engon

January 15, 2024

After more than a year of development, we are proud to introduce engon - free and open-source addon. We have decided to split the code and the assets so our asset addons become asset packs for engon or Blender Asset Browser.

Why is this good?

Advanced Asset Browser

Our new Asset Browser stores all polygoniq assets in one place and users can perform lot of actions that are not yet possible with the native Blender Asset Browser. Assets can be filtered by parameters such as brand, polycount, color, and even botanical taxonomy.


The auto-update feature for engon will check for new versions automatically. Users can also turn it off and check manually.

Faster bug-fixing

Because we split the code and assets we can do quick code fixes and users do not have to redownload several GBs of data.


We want to help the users with transition, with migrator, it is easy to convert scenes with assets spawned in older version to be compatible with the latest version.

Free Packs

To see engon in its full glory users need asset packs, so we have a few ready at the end of a questionnaire that will help us improve our products in the future. Get the asset packs here .

What happened to addons?

Addons became asset packs that are registered into engon. We also added some cool new stuff. So let’s look at what’s new.

botaniq 7.0

In the new botaniq release, we focused on adding over 100 new assets and 4 new scatter presets. Changes were made under the hood to improve the end-user experience, Draw Ivy became Ivy Generator with new features, latinized assets, and more.

Low poly assets

traffiq 2.0

traffiq 2.0 comes with the new Road Generator feature which allows users to quickly generate different types of roads and intersections with an intuitive GUI. Some additional bugfixes were also made on materials and assets. We also optimized the material library.

Road Generator

aquatiq 2.0

aquatiq has a lot of new features to bring to the table. Rain Generator, Puddle Generator and River Generator were added, taking the asset pack to a new level. We finally utilized geometry nodes in our asset packs.

River Generator

Puddle Generator

Rain Generator

Want to learn more about engon?

We made a short video tutorial series on our youtube channel called Meet engon to introduce the addon and its core features. If you have any questions about engon, let us know on our discord channel .

Find more in-depth information about the new features in engon and asset packs in our documentation page.

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