The First engon Party

February 5, 2024

On Tuesday, 23rd of January 2024, our Prague office was the center of celebration. The occasion? The much-anticipated engon release. We invited our friends - both, seasoned, and aspiring 3D artists, programmers and architects - to join us at our Prague headquarters to celebrate the release of engon with us.

engon: A Year in the Making

For over a year, our team had poured passion, late nights, and countless iterations into the engon addon. This Blender asset management tool is our gift to the community. With engon, artists can organize, search, spawn assets effortlessly, make use of advanced features and asset packs. Discover what engon can do for you in Meet engon blog post. Adam held a short presentation in the beginning where he showed the capabilities of engon and our asset packs to a room full of people interested in the new features.

botaniq for Unreal Engine

But wait, there was more! We pulled back the curtain on botaniq for Unreal Engine. Currently botaniq is available for Blender and Autodesk Maya and soon for Unreal Engine, with optimized assets in seasonal variants and a demo scene, bundled together with it. There were a lot of interesting questions and suggestions about botaniq and botaniq Unreal fro m our guests, We were very happy to receive feedback and discuss how we can improve our products with the help of the community.

Segedínský Guláš: Adam’s Culinary Triumph

As the clock struck 8 PM, the aroma of Segedínský guláš — a traditional Hungarian dish wafted through the office. Adam, our CEO, had worked his magic. The tender pork, sauerkraut, and creamy sauce together with dumplings or bread. People came quickly to the kitchen to have a taste and liked it very much. We also made puff pastry snails and sandwiches. Food, after all, is the universal language of celebration.


PCs in the offices showed videos with our different asset packs and visualizations. A demo of botaniq for Unreal was set up for anybody to try and experience firsthand. Other demos showed our architecture projects. Curiosity led some guests one floor up - to our recently opened office extension. There, a PC racing game awaited them. Steering wheel in hand, one could navigate through racing tracks and enjoy the moment. The best thing about the party was the great vibe and people moving around the offices, talking to one another, trying different things and enjoying the moment.

A Night To Remember

Some people continued talking in groups, while others were moving around, making new contacts and meeting new interesting people. This was one of the main goals, to connect and share interests. As the clock approached 2 AM, the end of the party came to an end, we decided to make this a reoccurring thing. So here’s to engon, botaniq, and the incredible community that surrounds us. May our pixels be forever vivid, our render times swift, and let’s keep pushing forward, one vertex at a time. Until the next party—cheers! 🎉🌟

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