materialiq is an extensive material library for Blender 3D.
Over 200 high quality materials ready to assign.
Works with Cycles and Eevee.

0 Steel / Metal

thumbnail 0A Steel
thumbnail 0B Steel Rough
thumbnail 0C Copper
thumbnail 0D Metal Dark
thumbnail 0E Bronze
thumbnail 0F Corten
thumbnail 0G Steel Galvanized
thumbnail 0H Metal Hammered
thumbnail 0I Gold
thumbnail 0J Aluminium
thumbnail 0K Steel Brushed
thumbnail 0L Steel Brushed Radial
thumbnail 0M Chrome
thumbnail 0N Copper Oxidised
thumbnail 0O Iron Wrought
thumbnail 0P Metal Bare
thumbnail 0Q Metal Rusted
thumbnail 0R Steel Corrugated
thumbnail 0S Silver
thumbnail 0T Brass
thumbnail 0U Metal Paint Peeled
thumbnail 0V Metal Painted
thumbnail 0W Aluminium Foil
thumbnail 0X Steel Scratched

1 Concrete

thumbnail 1A Concrete Poured
thumbnail 1B Concrete Smooth
thumbnail 1C Concrete Rough
thumbnail 1D Concrete Screed
thumbnail 1E Concrete Spotted
thumbnail 1F Concrete Wooden Relief
thumbnail 1G Concrete Dirty
thumbnail 1H Concrete Panels
thumbnail 1I Concrete Panels Dirty
thumbnail 1J Concrete Floor Polished
thumbnail 1K Concrete Panels New
thumbnail 1L Concrete Brutalist
thumbnail 1M Concrete Super Smooth
thumbnail 1N Concrete Bugholed
thumbnail 1O Concrete Big Cracks
thumbnail 1P Concrete Small Cracks
thumbnail 1Q Concrete Mixed Rocks
thumbnail 1R Concrete Ridged
thumbnail 1S Concrete Scratched
thumbnail 1T Concrete Tiny Rainbow
thumbnail 1U Concrete Stracciatella
thumbnail 1V Concrete Smooth Bugholes
thumbnail 1W Concrete Floor Reclaimed
thumbnail 1X Concrete Old Worn
thumbnail 1Y Concrete Granular
thumbnail 1Z Concrete Whitewashed

2 Wood

thumbnail 2A Wood Oak
thumbnail 2B Wood Beech
thumbnail 2C Wood Rough
thumbnail 2D Mahogany
thumbnail 2E Wicker
thumbnail 2F Fireboard
thumbnail 2G Wood Painted Clean
thumbnail 2H Wood Painted Rough
thumbnail 2I Wood Old Smooth
thumbnail 2J Wood Charred
thumbnail 2K Plywood
thumbnail 2L Wood Oak Dark
thumbnail 2M Wood Maple
thumbnail 2N Wood Rough Chopped
thumbnail 2O Wood Aspen Stained
thumbnail 2P Wood Dry Cracked
thumbnail 2Q Fireboard Yellow
thumbnail 2R Wood Raw
thumbnail 2S Wood Stripped Bark
thumbnail 2T Wood Teak Straight
thumbnail 2U Wood Spruce Knots
thumbnail 2V Plywood Wavy
thumbnail 2W Wood Twisted
thumbnail 2X Wood Old Dry
thumbnail 2Y Wood Cherry
thumbnail 2Z Wood Walnut

3 Stone/Rock/Marble

thumbnail 3A Limestone
thumbnail 3B Basalt Black
thumbnail 3C Basalt Grey
thumbnail 3D Granite Flamed
thumbnail 3E Granite
thumbnail 3F Travertine
thumbnail 3G Granite Pink
thumbnail 3H Granite Coarse Grained
thumbnail 3I Limestone Borgos
thumbnail 3J Stone Porphyritic
thumbnail 3K Marble Carrara
thumbnail 3L Marble Breccia Sarda
thumbnail 3M Marble Marfil
thumbnail 3N Marble Nero
thumbnail 3O Marble Calacatta Oro
thumbnail 3P Marble Bianco Carrara
thumbnail 3Q Travertine Natural
thumbnail 3R Rock Sandstone
thumbnail 3S Rock Armour
thumbnail 3T Marble Canyon Dawn
thumbnail 3U Rock Cliff
thumbnail 3V Marble Volakas
thumbnail 3W Stone Granite Brown
thumbnail 3X Onyx
thumbnail 3Y Rock Mossy
thumbnail 3Z Rock Slate

4 Fabric/Leather/Carpet

thumbnail 4A Fabric Even
thumbnail 4B Fabric Uneven
thumbnail 4C Leather Black
thumbnail 4D Leather White
thumbnail 4E Leather Brown
thumbnail 4F Leather Brown Worn
thumbnail 4G Suede Brown
thumbnail 4H Satin
thumbnail 4I Velvet
thumbnail 4J Carpet Rough
thumbnail 4K Carpet Wool

5 Walls/Roofs

thumbnail 5A Brick Worn
thumbnail 5B Brick Classic
thumbnail 5C Brick 4to1
thumbnail 5D Plaster Smooth
thumbnail 5E Plaster Rough
thumbnail 5F Plaster Worn
thumbnail 5G Plaster Stucco
thumbnail 5H Wooden Wool Board
thumbnail 5I Stonewall Random
thumbnail 5J Stonewall Groutless
thumbnail 5K Stonewall Uneven
thumbnail 5L Brick Worn Dented
thumbnail 5M Stonewall Muddy
thumbnail 5N Stonewall Blocks Sharp
thumbnail 5O Stonewall SandyBlue
thumbnail 5P Stonewall Slate Groutless
thumbnail 5Q Stonewall Slate
thumbnail 5R Roof Barrel Tiles
thumbnail 5S Stonewall Slate SplitStone
thumbnail 5T Stonewall Travertine
thumbnail 5U Wall RocksInConcrete
thumbnail 5V Roof S Tiles

6 Plastic/Rubber/Ceramic

thumbnail 6A Plastic Glossy
thumbnail 6B Plastic Matte
thumbnail 6C Rubber
thumbnail 6D Polycarbonate
thumbnail 6E Acrylic
thumbnail 6F ETFE
thumbnail 6G Ceramic Glazed
thumbnail 6H Clay
thumbnail 6I Polycarbonate Ribbed
thumbnail 6J GFRP
thumbnail 6K Bubble Wrap

7 Glass/Water

thumbnail 7A Glass
thumbnail 7B Glass Darkened
thumbnail 7C Glass Frosted
thumbnail 7D Glass Mirror
thumbnail 7E Glass Milky
thumbnail 7F Glass Safety
thumbnail 7G Water Ocean
thumbnail 7H Water Lake
thumbnail 7I Water Pond
thumbnail 7J Water Swimming Pool
thumbnail 7K Water Frosted

8 Man-made Ground

thumbnail 8A Asphalt Clean
thumbnail 8B Asphalt New
thumbnail 8C Floor Studded
thumbnail 8D Pavement Permeable
thumbnail 8E Pavement Flagstone
thumbnail 8F Wooden Chips
thumbnail 8G Tartan
thumbnail 8H Road Marking
thumbnail 8I Gravel Large
thumbnail 8J Gravel Small
thumbnail 8K Pavement Cobblestone

9 Natural Ground

thumbnail 9A Grass
thumbnail 9B Sand Beach
thumbnail 9C Sand Clean
thumbnail 9D Soil Rough
thumbnail 9E Sea Bed
thumbnail 9F Soil Loose
thumbnail 9G Soil Dry Cracked
thumbnail 9H Forest Leafy
thumbnail 9I Cloverfield
thumbnail 9J Moss
thumbnail 9K Forest Needles

G Generic

thumbnail GA Generic White
thumbnail GB Generic Grey
thumbnail GC Generic Black
thumbnail GD Generic Red
thumbnail GE Generic Green
thumbnail GF Generic Blue
thumbnail GG Generic Cyan
thumbnail GH Generic Magenta
thumbnail GI Generic Yellow
thumbnail GJ Generic Brown
thumbnail GK Generic Violet

V Various

thumbnail VA Carbon Fiber
thumbnail VB Photovoltaics
thumbnail VC Venetian Cane
thumbnail VD Diamond Plate
thumbnail VE Expanded Metal
thumbnail VF Metal Wire
thumbnail VG Green Wall
thumbnail VH Rattan
thumbnail VI Metal Plating
thumbnail VJ Woven Bamboo
thumbnail VK Steel Cable