polygoniq challenge: Christmas 2222

polygoniq challenge: Christmas

polygoniq challenge: Christmas 2222
Join our last challenge this year to win awesome prizes!

WE ASK YOU: What will Christmas look like in the year 2222?


Challenge starts on 18.12.2022 at 8 AM PDT and ends on 16.1.2023 at 4 PM PDT.
You must post your artwork by January 16, 2023 on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with hashtags #pqchallenge and #polygoniq.

Get the model here

The rigged gingerbread man model to be used is available on our Gumroad page.

How to enter

  1. Read the rules and requirements below.
  2. Pick an idea for your entry that fits the overall theme.
  3. Create your entry in Blender.
  4. Include the provided gingerbread man model somewhere visible in the render.
  5. Post your entry on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook with hashtags #pqchallenge and #polygoniq
  6. OPTIONAL - post your render on our Discord server to apply for the community pick prize.

Create together!

Do you want to get feedback for your artwork or just chat with other artists that joined the challenge? Join our Discord server!


  1. You must use the provided gingerbread man model.
  2. You can not drastically edit the mesh of the provided model. The general shape needs to be recognizable.
  3. The output can be a still 2D image or a short animation (3-10 seconds long).
  4. If you used any 3rd party assets, materials, camera setups, lighting setups, etc., you must declare that in the description of your entry.
  5. You may use any version of Blender.
  6. This challenge is not connected to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Discord in any way.


1st place - Two polygoniq full add-ons of choice
2nd place - One full add-on of choice
3rd place - One lite add-on of choice
Community pick on Discord - One full add-on of choice

Choosing and announcing winners

The polygoniq team will choose winners after the end of the challenge. The renders will be awarded points for the following aspects: completed assignment, use of own assets, composition, environment, story-telling, lighting, caustics, and the overall artistic feeling. Winners will be announced on our Instagram as well as on our Discord server. Our community will choose one winner on Discord by voting. To apply for this award, you need to post your render to our Discord challenge channel.
All winners will be announced no later than a week from the end of the challenge.


Q: Can I submit multiple artworks?
A: Sorry, but no. Just one artwork per person.

Q: Can I use 3rd party CC0 assets, materials, lighting setups, etc.?
A: Yes, you can, but make sure to mention it under your entry.