renderset - Render Manager for Blender

Renderset is a render management addon coming with a concept of render contexts to store various still/animation render settings in one .blend file allowing you to switch between them fast to fine-tune each separately and then also render & save them one by one. It remembers your camera settings, allows you to batch render, and saves your renders into their specific files. It also remembers object visibility, so you can iterate your scenes quickly!

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aquatiq - Water for Blender

aquatiq for Blender is a water library that contains 2D and 3D water assets that can be used as legos to build new effects and assets like fountains, birdbaths, and water materials.
It enables you to add water effects to your scene super quickly with aquatiq.
Instead of spending hours creating complex simulations, you add simple planes with animation sequences that can be previewed in the viewport.

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Michal Trpák wanted to visualize his ideas of a new look for an older building near Florence, Prague.

We have experimented with a couple of designs but in the end, the project was not realized.