Add water effects and assets quickly

aquatiq, with its 19 fountain assets, 12 modular assets, 18 water effects and 7 water materials lets you add water effect to your scene instead of spending hours creating complex simulations. Just ad simple planes with animation sequences that can be previewed in the viewport.

Additional features included

Features like Mask painting, seamless transitions, ready-made animated water materials, both for Cycles and Eevee and Asset Browser support makes it easy to create custom water features with ease.

Devoted to making the addon better

Making each of our addons better over time is very important for us. The suggestions and feedback from users on our discord server are very important for the future development of aquatiq. Many new features will be coming out over time as well as new assets and effects.

Spawn assets easily using Asset Browser

Utilize integrated Blender Asset Browser or polygoniq´s own Asset browser with advanced smart filtering feature and the ability to quickly search for the asset you need. Our asset browsers houses all our addons with assets and makes it easy to work with them together.

Add and edit effects easily

Mask painting lets you quickly blend the effect into its surroundings, textures have seamless transitions so most effects can be repeated infinitely, you can even layer the effects on top of each other for a more dense effect.

Optimization is key

We take optimization of our assets seriously so they are usable even in larger scenes but retain quality. The water shader that comes with aquatiq is called waterial and is also sold separately. It is an advanced material for creating animated water surfaces with low memory requirements and is much less performance-intensive than simulations. Descriptions in the node group make changes to the material rather easy.