Wide selection of quality assets

botaniq is an ever-expanding asset library for blender made out of 700 assets and 50+ scatter presets across multiple categories. It features coniferous and deciduous Trees, Grass, Flowers, Weeds, Ferns, Ivy, Tropical vegetation and more. Made especially for Architectural visualization, environmental design or any scenes that require a bit of greenery, all of this shipped with easy and straightforward UI.

Packed with advanced features

The addon comes with some advanced features making your workflow easier and more fun. Random Transform and Random Variant, Animations, Snap to Ground, Random Hue per Branch, Random Hue per Leaf, Scatter, Seasonal Adjustment and Brightness Adjustment.

Constantly evolving

We are working on improving all our addons and adding new features constantly. The feedback and suggestions from users on our discord server are very important aspect of future development of botaniq. We also work with third parties to expand the asset library with asset pack support through cooperation with Evermotion. botaniq is also compatible with Geo-Scatter addon.

Spawn assets easily using Asset Browser

Utilize integrated Blender Asset Browser or polygoniq´s own Asset browser with advanced smart filtering feature and the ability to quickly search for the asset you need. Our asset browsers houses all our addons with assets and makes it easy to work with them together.

Make quick visual changes

Adjustments panel enables you to make quick visual changes to your assets, like changing season, Hue per Branch, Hue per Leaf, and Brightness changing appearance of the asset You can also use Randomize Variant and Random Transform to further randomize the assets.

Optimization is key

We take optimization of our assets seriously so they are usable even in larger scenes but retain quality. For this reason we link materials and meshes by default. You can always make the asset local to the scene using Convert to Editable and undo it by using Convert to Linked.