Wide selection of quality assets

botaniq for Maya is the ideal tool for 3D designers and architecture visualizers made out of 130 trees, both coniferous and deciduous with a plan to add more categories and assets from our blender version. The optimized geometry allows you to populate your scenes with many assets while retaining adequate performance.

Comes with added features

The assets come with shader features. You can easily edit Hue, Saturation and Value of the Bark and Leaf materials. Advanced features such as Random Hue per Branch, Season Offset or Brightness Randomization are also included.

Adding new features and assets, free of change

We are focused to bring new features and assets to our addons constantly. The feedback and suggestions from users on our discord server are very important aspect of future development of botaniq Maya, The addon comes with free updates for new assets and features.

Easy installation and workflow

There is no need for setup, just import the assets into maya and add them into your scene using the Content browser and populate your scene with botaniq trees. Get amazing results within minutes.

Make quick visual changes

Extra Attributes panel makes it easy to make quick changes to the visual aspect of the tree. This includes editing Saturation, Hue and Value, changing Random Hue per Branch, Random Hue per Leaf or the season with Seasonal Offset.

All assets optimized

We take optimization of our assets seriously so they are usable even in larger scenes but retain quality. We create assets with optimal polycount to detail ratio and the geometry of assets is optimized to reduce alpha overdraw. botaniq provides the highest possible render quality in Arnold raytracing renderer whilst using lowest possible RAM and VRAM.