Large selection of optimized assets

botaniq Unreal is a library of 68 optimized assets for Unreal Engine. It features coniferous and deciduous Trees, Flowers, Weeds, Shrubs, and more. The Majority of the assets are Low Poly - Under 20k verts. More assets and categories will be gradually added over time.

Comes with a demo scene

Experience what can be done using botaniq Unreal in the included demo scene. Walk through a winter landscape, enjoy the breeze in the summer meadow map, or fly through all assets sorted by polycount. We have also left behind all our camera sequences with all the settings and animated movements from the release video. You can use these as you see fit and maybe even create a cinematic masterpiece of your own.

Free updates over time

We are going to keep adding new assets and features throughout the development of botaniq Unreal. The feedback and suggestions from users on our discord server are very important aspects of the future development of botaniq Unreal, The addon comes with free updates for new assets and features.

Easy workflow and navigation

All assets are organized in categories for easier orientation. You can find these in the Content Browser tab. To spawn an asset, simply select it and drag and drop it into the scene.

Advanced features

All leaf and bark materials are instanced from their own master materials. This gives you the the ability to edit appearance of all assets at once using sliders in the master material editor’s details panel. Change the hue of the leaves, saturation of the bark or the amount of snow on the models to create the look you want.

All assets optimized

All assets have been optimized to reduce alpha overdraw, have instanced materials, and the majority of them are low poly, with a few higher poly trees bundled in as well. Custom collision meshes for each asset are also included.