High quality materials for every circumstance

materialiq is a collection of materials for Blender that are designed from the ground up to take care of the time-consuming tasks usually involved with creating and changing materials, allowing you to focus on other important aspects in your scene other than materials.

Full of advanced tools for faster workflow

The easy to understand materialiq panel makes it easy to tweak crucial aspects of each material or multiple materials at once. Don’t be afraid to use your older materialiq materials as materialiq V comes with Migrate from materialiq 4 tool to make this process faster. In case you want to replace any material in your sce with another one just use the Replace Material feature.

New features and materials added with time

All addons, materialiq included are always in development. We are committed to adding new materials as well as features with the development of the addon. We are actively in touch with our community via our discord server where we provide support as well as listen to suggestions of new features and materials to make materialiq even better.

Spawn materials with ease

Explore the extensive & rapidly growing library of materials, each prepared in a consistent way and individually hand-checked. Make use of the Blender Asset Browser’s drag and drop or polygoniq Asset Browser with filtering options.

Make quick visual changes

Material Properties allow you to change the way the material looks. From changing mapping Scale, Diffuse Brightness, Normal Map Strength, Viewport Color, down to Bombing or changing Displacement of many supported materials.

Optimized textures and materials, easy to understand nodegroups

Optimization is very important so you can fit as many materials into your memory as possible. Therefore we optimize textures of materials and you can choose which quality of textures you want to use. Our nodegroups make it easy to make additional changes to materials independently from the addon.