Decrease VRAM usage with one click

memsaver is able to reduce texture sizes on objects or entire object meshes that end up being small in the final render. This reduces VRAM consumption and makes it a very helpful tool for big projects or if your hardware is limiting.

Optimize both textures and meshes

The addon includes Adaptive Image resize and Adaptive mesh decimation. Animations and UDIMS are also supported. Resize images allows to quickly downscale images on Selected objects, Scene Objects or All Objects, All Images to a selected resolution. While working on a .blend file there is the ability to generate HTML report listing all images and meshes based on VRAM consumption.

Adding new features over time

We are focused to bring new features to our addons constantly. The feedback and suggestions from users on our discord server are very important aspect of future development of memsaver, The addon comes with free updates for new assets and features.

Adaptive Mesh Decimation

There is no point in rendering a 100 000 triangle mesh that has 2 meters and is 20 meters away from the camera, the detail is so small it just gets lost. So, memsaver lets you remove unnecessary geometry and only calculate a fraction of the original size.

Adaptive Image Resize

Adaptive image resize changes the image sizes of objects based on how large the objects appear in the camera view. Larger image size is chosen for objects that are closer to camera, and images of objects that are small or farther from camera are resized to a smaller size.

Animations, UDIMs and Sequences

With animation support the necessary image size is calculated taking all animation frames into account, thus still saving the memory and at the same time making sure the result is still sharp. UDIM is an increasingly popular workflow that makes UV map generation easier and assigning textures simpler. memsaver is able to resize UDIMs like any other texture. Image sequences are useful for displaying pre-generated animations. memsaver takes all images in the sequence into consideration.