Large selection of assets

traffiq is a large library of 300+ realistic, optimized assets of various vehicles and traffic-related assets for architectural visualizations, environmental design, rendering streets, or other scenes. Together with simple to understand UI and advanced features that make traffiq a nice companion for your workflow.

Comes with great features

The traffiq addon comes bundled with additional features such as Wear and Tear, Lights, Emergency Lights, Random Color, Snap to Ground and others to enhance the user experience and the ability to make fast changes to quickly customize the appearance of the asset or multiple assets at the same time.

Constantly evolving

We are committed on constantly adding new features to all our addons. Feedback from our community is very important. The feedback and suggestions from users on our discord server are very important aspect of future development of traffiq.

Spawn assets easily

To spawn a vehicle or other asset traffiq offers use either Blender Asset Browser with the drag and drop feature or polygoniq’s own Asset browser with advanced smart filtering feature and quick search throughout all installed polygoniq addons.

Change the appearance, add animations

Add Dirt, Scratches and Bumps with the Wear Sliders, Change the color with brand new and reworked Paint Shader. Make use of our pre-made rigs to add movement to any scene. Easily set the speed and path the vehicle will follow.

Light the scene up

Light up the environment using Light Settings. Enable park lights or choose between low beam or high beam headlight modes. Add and modify emergency lights in supported vehicles. Bring streets to life using animated traffic lights.

Create roads with one click

Want to create a road, highway or an intersection? Make use of Road Generator. Road Generator makes it incredibly easy to specify which type of road is generated and to draw the road network with automatic intersections and connections between multiple road types.

Optimization is key

We take optimization of our assets seriously so they are usable even in larger scenes but retain quality. Paint settings in traffiq are controlled via attributes that drive materials. This allows the manipulation of multiple parameters without the need to make assets editable whilst saving memory and keeping .blend files small and efficient.